Business Hours

Open 6 Days a Week

Closed Tuesdays

9am - 6pm

*May be open earlier or later if requested

Business Location

1040 Friscoville Ave

Arabi, LA 70032

Areas Serviced

New Orleans, LA

Greater New Orleans Area


(504) 858-4000

Spiffy Detailing prides ourselves on serving the St. Bernard Parish community since February 2014.  We are located in Arabi, and we want to be a part of the "Keep St. Bernard Beautiful" effort.  We can do our part by making sure the people of St. Bernard have the cleanest and shiniest vehicles in all of Louisiana.  Whether it be just a regular "in and out" car wash and mini detail, or a full showroom quality detail, we offer a variety of different packages and services to ensure we can meet the needs of our clients.  Don't believe us?  Ask around about "the car wash boys in Arabi" and listen to what people have to say about us.  

Being that we are a local company, we have a reputation to uphold.  We are not just travelling through town like some of these other companies doing subpar work to "just get paid and go home".  We are here to stay, and that is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We want to build a long, trusting relationship with our clients for years to come.

Here at Spiffy Detailing we offer the following options for St. Bernard Parish residents who wish to get their car cleaned or detailed.

  • Full-Service Car Wash located at 1040 Friscoville Ave, Arabi, LA 70032
  • Pick up and drop off services so if you don't feel like waiting or you don't have time to wait for your vehicle being detailed.  Drop your car off to us and we will drive you to where you need to go, detail your vehicle, and bring back your vehicle looking clean.
  • Mobile Auto Detailing to where we will come to you and detail your vehicle, whether that be at your house or place of work.  Mobile Detailing is one of our premium services we offer

We support St. Bernard Parish, all we ask is for St. Bernard Parish to support us and let us help keep St. Bernard Parish riding beautiful