Business Hours

Open 6 Days a Week

Closed Tuesdays

9am - 6pm

*May be open earlier or later if requested

Business Location

1040 Friscoville Ave

Arabi, LA 70032

Areas Serviced

New Orleans, LA

Greater New Orleans Area


(504) 858-4000

Detailing Services Offered For:

Auto Detailing

RV Detailing

Boat Detailing

18 Wheeler Detailing

Motorcycle Detailing

Services Offered

Full-scale buffing, to include:

     -Compounding for heavy oxidation and scratch removal

     -Polishing to restore shine in dull paint

     -Waxes, Sealants, and Coatings to provide long lasting gloss and protection

Carpet and Seat Shampooing to remove stains and odors

Steam Cleaning deepest clean which removes the toughest of dirt, grease, and grime

Headliner Cleaning that removes stains and odors, including cigarette odor from headliners

Fabric Dyeing to restore color in fabrics that have been bleached or discolored

Headlight Restoration for oxidized headlights to bring that "like new" appearance back and to improve visibility

Wheel Restoration to include white wall cleaning, rust and iron fallout removal and topped with a polish and/or coating for protection

Acid Rain Spot/Hard Water Spotting Removal for windshields and paint

Trim and Plastic Restoration to restore color in exterior or interior plastic trim

Metal Polishing with a buffer wheel and rouge bars for oxidized metal and trim 

Leather Cleaning and Care to help restore and protect old, worn, or damaged leather

Window Tint Removal for old, worn tint and to pass inspection sticker requirements

Hand Car Wash for optimal cleaning

Interior Detailing to include vacuuming and compartment cleaning with a brush to clean cracks and crevices

Premium Detailing in New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish, and the Greater New Orleans Areas since 2014

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***For more information on services, call (504) 858-4000 or email us at

Spiffy Detailing is an auto detailing business specializing in restoring your car to a like-new appearance.  Our main location is a full-service car wash in Arabi, LA, however, we offer mobile auto detailing services as well to better suit our customers in New Orleans and the greater New Orleans area.  The biggest difference between us and our competitors is that auto detailing is all we do.  Focusing solely on auto detailing, we have perfected our craft and by doing so it allows us to deliver a quality product to suit our client's needs.  This isn't "just a job" for us, this is our livelihood.  We enjoy putting smiles on faces and restoring value in your investment by having your vehicle detailed.

Besides auto detailing, we also offer on-site and mobile auto detailing services for boats, RVs, motorcycles, and 18 wheelers.  No job is too big for us to handle, our team of trained professionals can tackle anything you throw at us.  With our environmentally-safe products and professional training, we can assure that your vehicle will be detailed not only effectively, but also safely.  So call or email us for an appointment for one of our specialists to come out to you or come visit us in Arabi and get your car detailed and looking "spiffy" today.